Flip Windows

$165 Including shipping

Rural route carriers can use the patented Flip Window to keep warm and dry in their converted or factory right hand drive vehicles.  "Rain and Snow may not deter you from your rounds" but there is no need for you to be wet and cold (or hot for that matter) with our newly patented Flip Window¬©.It provides comfort and protection in all weather conditions.

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    Flip Window
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    Using the flip window
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    Stay warm (or cool) and dry with a flip window!

These and other items are available to make the right hand drive vehicle your "great place to work."

  • Flip Window for rural postal mail carriers - RHD
  • Protects from rain, wind, heat & cold
  • Installs and removes in less than 2 minutes with no special tools
  • Does NOT modify the original door in any way.
  • Flip Windows are $165 Including Shipping


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